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Our Story

Hi! I am Silvia and Prada is my beautiful Golden Retriever. In January 1, 2015 Mami Prada had 10 puppies. Little did we know that this amazing journey was about to begin. The puppies grew and became mischievous and beautiful with lots of energy. I posted their journey in Facebook and many people followed my posts. That is how “Prada’s Bunch and Friends” was born in March 2015. Since then we have had many adventures. Lalique and Charlie stayed with us as part of our family. In January 2016 Mami Prada was diagnosed with Cancer of mamma glands. It was devastating and very sad to think we could lose our sweet mami. We all got together and did the impossible to help mami survive. We received many messages and prayers. I made many items for sale like cards and t-shirts with the thousands of pictures I took thru their growing time to raise funds to pay for her treatment. During all this the puppies grew and showed their love to all our friends with funny adventures, we took beautiful pictures on holidays with their siblings and showed our love and appreciation by creating signs to wish happy birthday to our friends. Today there is a wonderful Bunch loved by many. Our adventures are many and we are doing great deeds to help our community and friends as our appreciation for all the love and help we received. We welcome you to follow us and be part of our growing family! Love, Silvia and The Bunch.

Puppies drinking milk from Mami Prada

A Labor of Love

We have so much Love to share! Here are our different programs that we have created as our way to THANK our community for all the love and help we have received during the four years of The Bunch. We hope to expand the programs to reach as many people as possible.

Therapy Dogs

We all know how amazing and intelligent dogs are, The Bunch gives many people through Facebook “Virtual Therapy” and we love that we are able to help bring love, laughter and hope to many friends that feel sad and in despair or in need of a cheer from all over the world . We share our visits and pictures as a way to communicate with everyone how amazing is this work and also as advocate to promote and inspire new teams to follow our steps in the Therapy Dog world.

One of our dreams was to be able to help others through the love of dogs. We took the opportunity to train Mami Prada, Charlie and Lalique to make our dream come true.

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Mami Prada had a wonderful group of little kids that became her Pen Pals. These kids lived in Arizona. Their mentor and therapist is a good friend of Prada’s bunch and she reached out to us to see how we can help these kids that are not as fortunate as others. They suffered from depression and had dysfunctional families. Thru Prada’s pen pal program, we were able to reach them and bring hope to them. They wrote cards and messages to Prada and Prada wrote back to them. We sent them goodie bags with presents during the holidays. They felt loved and secure after they got to know about Prada and truly believed that Prada loved them just because they are amazing. As they go thru their difficult lives, we were able to give them a little hope and show them that Love is among us and that Mami Prada is a great example that even when you have difficulties you can survive and be happy despite them.

If you are interested to be Prada’s pen pal, please contact us! SHARE with your family and friends! We love to help many people around the world!

Thru the sale of Prada’s Bunch Calendars, Prada’s Bunch Cards and Such, LLC shares part of the proceeds to help dog rescue organizations. One of our primary rescue organizations is Joshua’s House a Golden Retriever Rescue located in Tampa Fl. We have donated to them for the past years more than $ 2,000. We also help a local Rescue in Miami called Born Free Pet Shelter- a non-kill rescue- We have donated money and materials to them. We were able to make this generous donation thanks to all our Friends that bought our Calendars since 2017.

If you would like to help, please contact us for more information!

We love to see how kids with special needs also connect to dogs in so many special ways! We are here to help! We made “special communication cards” that help the kids express themselves by showing the card that they can identify their feelings with. Each card has the picture of one of the bunch dogs expressing the feeling (Happy, bored, cool, loved, etc). We are in our initial part of the program and we hope that we can develop it to be a successful venue for many kids. If you are interested to get a set, please send us a message!

We also help as volunteers at the Nicklaus Children Rehab Center in Kendall. We help therapists and the kids by supporting their exercises and giving a furry paw as they make their awesome effort to be better.

Walking with Prada

walking with Prada book - our journey of love and adventure written by silvia mesa

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Everyone loves puppy pictures and we love to share in smiles. Check out a few of our pictures on the web or get a daily dose in Facebook and Instagram. We're always up to some mischief

The Bunch - Prada, Charlie, Lalique, and Uncle Spiky

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Prada's Bunch with Silvia Mesa

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LIKE our FACEBOOK Page and Be ready to laugh and enjoy our daily adventures! Mami Prada, Charlie Brown and Lalique always have love to share! We always say Good Morning and wish you Good Night! Because you are family and we love to greet you every day! Learn about our new projects and follow the progress of each of them in their different missions! FOLLOW us in Instagram TOO! Our younger friends LOVE our Instagram! They laugh, and LOVE to give us a heart to show how much our crazy adventures reach theirs! We also have videos in YOU TUBE! Search for us! You will find our pool adventures and our birthday celebration!

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